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A petition was commenced to try and help convince the minister that there is genuine public concern to try and help Mark stay in Australia supported by his family and that  sending him to PNG and his almost certain death would be wrong.

You can add your name to the petition here.

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  1. Mark served his term. I can’t see him as a threat to our community and also because of his medical condition he should not be send back to PNG.

  2. The judicary system of westminister that Australia legal system uses is a laughing stock.
    This case has taken ages that proved PNGs child Mark, as innocent but still being put behind bars for a crime he did not commit.
    So damningly sad..

  3. Marks whole episode with Law and Justice in Australia has been less than satisfactory. The trial was full of errors and lies by so called witnesses, the evidence was tainted with supposition, and none of this was helped by seeing the Judge “nodding” off during the trial. The REAL killer is still at large, but the system has turned a blind eye and feels the job is done.
    I feel like I’m in the deep South of the USA.
    To make matters worse, Mark served the full sentence (despite having some serious health issues,) and was then sneaked down to Sydney, all whilst his father was on the way to pick him up.
    Either re-open the trial or let him go….quite simple really.

  4. the need could not be more dire not only the risk of death by murder but also death by chronic pancreatitis and we all know Png has harly any health services let alone specialits in pancreas issues, please help an i am sure you will feel better having done so he is afterall a protected person of australia so he is under our care, Thankyou

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