Kathleen Folbigg

In 2003, Kathleen Folbigg was convicted of killing her four children over a period of 10 years. Despite natural causes of death given for Caleb, Patrick, Sarah and Laura Folbigg, Ms Folbigg was convicted of smothering them to death. The basis for her convictions were the journals she wrote in during the 10-year period; they were used as evidence to suggest she admitted to killing her children. Ms Folbigg has been unsuccessful in overturning her convictions and has served 18 years in prison. In combination with leading forensic pathologists concluding natural causes of death for each of the children, new genetics evidence shows the infants had genetic defects that can explain further how they died. For the first time, Ms Folbigg’s journals are now being examined by experts who consider them to be unremarkable and contrary to the way in which they have been interpreted by the law to date.

There was reasonable doubt at the time of the conviction, now there is expert evidence that disproves murder.  It is time the conviction is overturned and she is freed. 

Alexander McLeod Lindsay

Table of Contents McLeod-Lindsay Background Mr Alexander McLeod-Lindsay was born on 24 December 1934 and died on 17 September 2009.  He was born in Scotland and migrated to Australia when he was16 years old.  He came to Australia under the Assisted Migration Scheme.  He did an apprenticeship in the printing

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Kathleen Folbigg – Granted an Unconditional Pardon

On Monday this week, the Attorney General, Michael Davies, issued an unconditional pardon and immediately released Ms Folbigg from prison. Ms Folbigg had been incarcerated for 20 years after being convicted for killing each of her four children.  She has always maintained that she was innocent and had never harmed

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Motion of Sue Higginson to NSW Parliament

On Wednesday, 31 June, Sue Higginson (Greens Party) made a motion in the Legislative Council of the NSW Parliament. The speech demonstrated the courage that our legislators require to do their job and seek genuine justice rather than hiding behind politics that allowing other to avoid making real decisions for

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Kathleen Folbigg and the Prerogative of Mercy

Table of Contents Pardon and Parole Powers and Procedures in New South Wales This short paper has been prepared because some parliamentarians in New South Wales have indicated they do not understand the law as it relates to the exercise of the prerogative of mercy. Prerogative of Mercy Meaning One

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